Why Windfarms
Why Windfarms


Why Windfarms

For thousands of years people have harnessed the wind as a source of power. Increasingly, all across the world, people are rediscovering windpower as a clean, harmless and endlessly renewable source of energy.

The United Kingdom is the windiest country in Europe, with 40% of the Continent’s wind passing over us. It would be criminally negligent not to harness this natural resource to help meet our energy needs. The proposed Vale Villages, Lenchwick Windfarm will stand on high ground at the end of an extended river valley which channels the prevailing south-westerly winds – it really is an ideal site for a modern wind farm.

Wind farms produce no harmful emissions or dangerous waste products. A wind turbine takes up very little space on the ground, can be erected in a day and dismantled in about the same length of time, leaving very little trace of its existence. Farming can continue around turbines will little or no disruption. The electricity produced by a modern turbine is the cheapest there is.

Before long, wind farms will be a familiar part of the landscape wherever we might happen to be in the UK. Many people find them inspiring, exciting, mesmerising and ethereal, both because of their elegant twenty-first century design and because they quietly create clean, green energy out of an eternally renewable resource while doing no harm at all.

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