What BLoW is all about
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What BLoW is All About

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At BLoW, we Vale Villagers believe that we stand at a crossroads.

It is vital that the future is sustainable and renewable – we simply cannot afford to continue greedily burning fossil fuels and thoughtlessly exploiting the natural world for our own short-term ends.

But there are many who stand in the way of the urgent transition to sustainability.

Out of self-interest and selfishness, foolishness and a refusal to face facts, there are those who would rather tell lies and scare others than accept the need for a wind farm nearby.

The truth about wind farms is reassuring. BLoW wants everybody to know the truth about renewables in general, and wind farms in particular, so that they will not be seduced by the untrue stories spread about by irresponsible groups and individuals.

We hope that we can count on your support.

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